Luggage Repair

Few things are more aggravating than needing a luggage repair because the fabric was punctured or a wheel broke off or a zipper stuck or failed to close. Luggage pieces cost so much money these days especially since almost all have wheels and handles to make transportation easier. This did simplify portability but also increased the chances that something would break, just because now there is more that can be broken.

There are several options available if you do have a luggage repair problem. You can revert back to the company that made the luggage, especially if it is fairly new and is still under warranty. Even if not under warranty they may offer a solution that might cost some money but still be the best option. After all if they made it they have the parts and expertise available to fix it, and you can bet they will do it right since their reputation is at stake.

Your second option is to find a luggage repair service within a reasonable distance from where you live. For a little extra you can always mail it anywhere to be fixed. Your first best bet is to check the yellow pages of your directory, or if you are near a big city check that one instead. Look under “Luggage repair” to see if there are any available. There is only one listed in the Harrisburg, PA metropolitan yellow pages so these repair folks are not exactly to be found just anywhere. If this does not pan out there is a list of 68 sites throughout the US listed online at And they don’t even include the one in Harrisburg so we know there are more. And if you Google “luggage repair” followed by your city you should see quite a few individual luggage repair sites located near you. Most of the ones you see listed here will be reputable dealers but you still need to be careful to pick one you are comfortable with. Sometimes it pays to call them first and explain your problem. You can usually tell if they are someone you can trust. Calling around for a few estimates may be the best thing you can do.

Your third option is to try to fix it yourself. For this you should be a bit of a handyman because luggage takes a lot of stress and an improper fix may just leave you in a fix. If you really feel qualified you can check online for the parts you need. First try the site of the manufacturer and if that fails then try a generic supplier of whatever you need. If zippers look for “zipper repair parts”, if you have a fabric tear then look for “luggage fabric repair”, etc. If the wheels break you may want to check with the Service Caster Corporation which has luggage wheels for just about every imaginable need.

Just a note – if your luggage happens to be Samsonite or Hartmann then you may have an edge because I was told they are easier to fix than most other brands that are made in China because of the availability of the parts.